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Cinema as a social phenomenon has become one of the most innovative and enriching cultural consumptions and practices of the XX century. Clearly, cinema changes us but this transformation that film provokes is not just individual. We’re also asking for as a community. Therefore, cinema must be understood as a social phenomenon, as a cultural vehicle, as a complex device which catalyze the yearnings and portraits of a society, as a producer of subjectivities. 

For the city of Chivilcoy the launching of an international film festival represents a chimerical cultural proposal. Its background is based on previous experiences that bond these individual and collective practices: shootings, film’s retrospectives, workshops, festivals and other events that take place in our community. This whole set of inputs is a key component, coupled with the suitable reaction of the local public who are eager to rejoice at the "seventh art" and to enjoy a festival as a space for exchange, dialogue and circulation of cultural goods.

We are living an exceptional year that will mark our memory forever. Between confinement and social distancing, organize a new edition of our local film festival is more chimerical than ever. But we don't want to resign this community space that has taken so much effort to build: this year the meeting will be online. A YouTube channel will allow you to view the entire program plus interviews with filmmakers.

We know that you'll be there. See you soon!



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